mainpic1aWhy Multipure is your best choice for drinking and cooking water.

Our bodies are made up of about 70% water. For our cells, tissues and organs to operate efficiently, we need to drink plenty of plain ole pure water. Considering the increasing problems in today’s environment, it is harder than ever to trust the quality of water you and your family are drinking.

More than ever before, we are being bombarded with potential problems in our water supplies. For example, when chlorine interacts with organic matter, like leaves, twigs and algae, it creates known carcinogenic compounds that are referred to as Disinfection Bi-Products. (DBP’s). Some municipalities, like Portland, have begun adding ammonia to the chlorine, creating a new compound called chloramine. The good news is that this reduces the DBP level. The bad news is we still don’t know the long-term health effects of chloramines. However, if you remember high school chemistry class, you may have studied about the toxic gas that is created by combining chlorine and ammonia.

In addition, heavy metals like lead can leach directly from water pipes and solder and into your drinking water. It is well documented that lead has adverse health effects on children and adults alike. DBP’s, lead, chlorine and chloramines are just a few of the potentially harmful contaminants that a Multipure Drinking Water System will protect you from.

Is bottled water the best option?mainpic2

Did you know that the EPA’s regulations on tap water are more stringent than the FDA’s regulations on bottled water? Just because the water tastes better, it doesn’t mean it’s better for you. Most contaminants are odorless and tasteless. Did you know that a company can legally put tap water in a bottle and mark it up over one thousand times? In fact, more than 25% of all bottled water is actually reprocessed tap water. This doesn’t even take into account the harmful environmental impact of empty water bottles in our landfills, the petroleum needed to manufacture the plastic bottles, and the transportation costs of getting the water to the store. In short, one 750 gallon Multipure solid carbon block filter cartridge replaces almost 5,700 16.9 ounce bottles. Click here to learn more about the impact of bottled water on the environment.

Feel good about protecting the health of your family and the environment for a small fraction of the cost of bottled water.

mainpic3Multipure vs other water filters

So, now you’ve decided to take the next step to filter your own water. What filter should you buy? With thousands of possible filters to choose from, it can be a very daunting task to figure out what’s best for you. The best way to assure you are getting the highest performance possible is to look to NSF International for its third-party certification. “Click Here” to learn more about NSF and its certification policies and protocols.

According to NSF, Multipure has the broadest range of contaminant removal of any product currently available on the market. So, skip the pitcher and faucet mount filters and give yourself and your family the gift of a stainless steel Multipure solid carbon block water filtration system. You’ll immediately feel and taste the difference.

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